Saturday, June 24, 2006

Digital Art

(As usual click for a larger image)

Yesterday I took my camera with me to Chester and I have always loved this entrance to a shoeshop, so I took a couple of photos. The temptation to have a little play with them was too much for me, so I left my crazy quilting and sat with my laptop all evening.
Here is the result of my play.


smarcoux said...

Margaret Your right ... we have alot in common this entrance to the shoe shop is fantastic and the way you have manipulated it into the digital photography is great... I really love the yellow one. I think its the flow of things that we have in common ... I will one day come over that way and we will have to meet up.

Dorothy said...

These are lovely Margaret... you really are clever!

feltedfibers said...

ooh errr, if you stare at the middle of the yellow one there is an eye mask/nose and mouth or have I had too much sun?
They are great.

Sue said...

Amazing photo: you have such a good eye for detail. As for what you do with your digipix, you are an inspiration: I may well have to do a digital art course to satisfy the itch you've caused!

Liz said...

Love the doorway, Mags, and what you've done with it - is that in those sort of arcades in Chester?

Lesley said...

That's beautiful and I really like your digital manipulations. Very inspirational!

I can't picture which shoe shop it is so I will be keeping an eye out for it when I go into Chester this week. It will be like a treasure hunt!

Gillian said...

My word, you've been busy. I love these 3 images. They're quite regal. xxx

Kari said...

Amazing! These look just like clever watercolours - I think I can throw away my paints, LOL!

Kari x

Helen Cowans said...

ooooh! Lovely (as always!!)