Friday, June 02, 2006

Mixed media page

The spirals in the last post reminded me of a page I sent to my Australian RR some time ago. This was a challenge called Interplay.


Lesley said...

Hi Margaret, I think the different levels of texture are beautiful and I really like the colours you've used. In fact I like everything about it!

pam annesley said...

Margaret, i have been looking at your 'actual' Interplay page today. It's lovely, Toni will be sp pleased.I am going to take the book with me when I travel next week and so deliver it in person. I have just finished my page.

Micki said...

Margaret, every time I come visit I am just amazed at your wonderful works of art. Love all of these!

Toni said...

Margaret and Pam
can't wait to see it for real
love your blogs

marion said...

oh, gorgeous, Margaret