Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My CQ block

100 details for 100 days

Just in case some of you think I'm slacking again, here are some additions to my crazy quilt block. You will have to guess which one belongs to the right day, as some of them did not turn out the way they should have.

For example, the herringbone one is far from correct. Herringbone has always been my favourite of all stitches, but I wasn't sure what Sharon meant when she said herringbone back to back? How is this done?

I will now have to prepare some more blocks as I have run out of seams! I am filling in between the seams now, which suits me fine as I do tend to overdo my stitching, but am I right in thinking that this is the whole idea in crazy quilting - to stitch it thoroughly? (smile)

1 comment:

Zaz said...

I love crazy patchwork! what is the story behind this project??? have I missed something .........

love sara