Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welsh Region Embroiderers' Guild

What a wonderful day out I had today.

The journey from Conwy to Llanidloes along the A470 road early this morning was a treat. We traveled along mountainous roads surveying the beauty around us, the craggy mountains, the fresh green of the trees, the wild flowers and in particular streaks of bluebells painted lightly by an unseen brush along the mountains. The less scenic route would have saved me from travel sickness, but not for the world would I have missed those beautiful views.
We arrived at Llanidloes about 10.30, a quick cup of tea and I soon recovered and had a quick look at all the colourful stands and the Guild bookstall, before the business part of the day started.

Then came the best part of the day, our lecture by Welsh textile artist Cefin Burgess, who had the large audience in the palm of his hand while he told us of his artwork about Welsh chapels here in Wales and also in New England in the USA. I was fascinated by this body of work from sketchbooks to finished pieces. The depth of his feeling for his subject was plain to see as he described how he came to start this work. He did all this with a wonderful sense of humour.

I have 'Googled' Cefin Burgess, but have been unable to come up with any of his work!
So without photos to show you this would become a boring account and I could never do justice to such a pleasurable afternoon.

To crown it all I bought 3 new books.
Collage Source Book - Apple ISBN 1-84092-465-1 This promises to be very useful.
Creative Cloth Doll Faces by Patti Medaris Culea ISBN 1-84543-008-551299
Cover to Cover, creative techniques for making beautiful books, journals and albums by Shereen LaPlantz ISBN 0-937274-87-9


Dorothy said...

Sounds a fascinating trip Margaret.
I have tried to find the Collage Souce book on the internet just now but can't find it. Who publishes it?

jenclair said...

What an enjoyable combination of pleasures (except for the tendency to travel sickness). I'm sorry that none of Cefin Burgess's work was available on the web.

The books should inspire some interesting work!

Gillian said...

What a pity you were only about half an hour from us and I didn't know!

I have the Collage Source Book and it's one of my all time favs. Every time I pick it up I find new inspiration. Same with Somerset Studio magazine.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend. xxx

marion said...

You know you are buying too many books when you read the list that someone else bought, and you have them all...