Saturday, July 22, 2006

Abakhan and Plas Tan y Bwlch(part 2)

I am finding it difficult to buy the packs of Kunin felt, they once had loads at a local shop, but not any more. So I bought what looks like it in mauve, not really what I wanted. However it will do to play with and I might even like the colour scheme.
I also bought some beads and silks in oranges and greens to go with my new crazy quilt colours. Pins, needles and other various bits and bobs went into the basket. i should mention that there was up to 70% off at the sale!

I'm also going to take some man-made fibres and transfer paints with me as I did last year, I enjoyed playing with those very much. I'm also thinking of taking some UFO's with me, just in case I have some spare time(smile) and the sewing machine of course with plenty of embroidery threads.

This morning, I bought three flat pack plastic boxes at the sale in W H Smith and they are so light. I'm thinking of making a bag that will take them all, if I have the time. I bought some cheap blue and white patterned material the last
time I went to Abakhan, so I will use that and if I'm not happy with the colours, I might over-dye them with navy or something else perhaps later on? I would also like to make myself an apron. I think maybe I'm cutting it fine.

I must also remember to take a sketchbook and my camera and laptop.

I have just realized that I have now made a list of
everything I should take with me to PTyB. Very handy.

Forgot to mention I shall also be taking my new crazy quilt

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