Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Artsway sculpture

A short time ago I posted some photos of sculptured heads in a triangular pool of water at an Art Centre called Artsway in Sway, Hampshire. Those photos were taken 10 years ago. These are my sad sculptured heads today!

I re-visited Artsway during my short visit to see if my heads were still there. Four of them are still there, but two of the six have disappeared. Ten years is a long time and the weather has been very dry, but I had not expected to see them like this. They looked so desperately sad there in the weeds. I wonder what they were saying to each other?


feltedfibers said...

They were saying "This polution is getting right up my nose"

Zaz said...

I love these heads - I dont think they are ruined ............they are great!!


Lesley said...

I think they were saying "I wish someone would give me a haircut"

ps. I went into Chester yesterday and found the shoe shop you photographed! I can't believe I've never had a good look at it before! Enjoyed the treasure hunt!!

Paige said...

You have such neat art there.