Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Embroiderers' Guild Wales

I have been very busy since coming home from my SerenTex AGM today. We had such fun that I think it should be re-named the ALM, the Annual Laughter Meeting. We had a lovely meal at Joan's house, (Joan is the doll maker). Everyone contributed to the meal and there was a lovely variety of home made goodies. Joan's garden is so beautiful I spent a long time taking photos as usual. I haven't loaded them to the computer yet.
The image at the top of this posting is a 'bright' idea someone had as the inspiration for a piece of embroidery we need to make for the Welsh section of the Embroiderers' Guild. It needs 100 people to pay 50p to stitch a 100 stitch square to complete a cushion cover. The cushion will then be raffled to make more money for the Guild. I will show you the design developed from this one day if it's successful. I doubt it at the moment. I wonder if anyone knows why I am still having problems with my photos which include mauves and purples turning blue on the computer?


Dorothy said...

Try using the Adobe Gamma Calibration tool that comes with Elements and Photoshop to calibrate your monitor. That should cure your colour balance problems. In this month's (August) Digital Photo is a lot of discussion about this problem. I did mine some time ago and find that I get really good results now.

Toni said...

The photo is really Welsh colours. Brings back great memories. Thanks for sharing.

feltedfibers said...

Hi Margaret, thanks for info about our Guild I must sleep through the monthly meetings! LOL.
I too had problems with the mauve/purple colours of the felt we used on Margarets Beal's course coming out blue and have had a play with the camera I turned off the flash and hey presto the colour is fine.