Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Evening sun in Bournemouth

These trees looked striking in the evening sun. There was also a little grey squirrel that played hide and seek with me up and down the trees. I did not manage to catch one photo of the little animal.

These little chalets were empty at that time of night and I loved the faded paint in pale colours.


Ali Honey said...

Those chalets look amazing all in a line like that. Wow. They might be a border for a quilt. Great photo !
The Forest looks worth exploring...I just read about it's history recently. Best Wishes from Alison.

pam annesley said...

What is the history of the heads, Margaret? The chalets are interesting, would you mind if I used the pic in Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Margaret, my GPs had a B&B at Bournemouth and we used to stay with them regularly when we lived in England. Loved that area. Thanks for the beaut pics. Toni

feltedfibers said...

The squirrel is behind the second tree on the right :-)