Saturday, July 08, 2006

Margaret Beal's Workshop

The workshop today was so enjoyable, I was able to forget my backache. Honestly! Margaret is a wonderful tutor and I learnt so much today. It is surprising what you can do with sheer synthetics and a soldering iron.
If anyone would like to buy Margaret's book, Fusing Fabric, you can contact her by e-mail -
I had not realized some of my friends could be so quiet, at times you could hear a pin drop while we all experimented and learnt how to use our soldering irons creatively. A very relaxing and enjoyable time was had by all. Tomorrow can't come soon enough so we can develop our knowledge further.

This is not exactly the right colour, the background was more purple than blue.

Some bit and bobs of practice.

I am sure this is the youngest student Margaret has ever had in her class. But he only came to say hello to his gran.


Toni said...

Margaret so glad your back allowed you to enjoy this workshop. I have Margaret's book and although I enjoy this echnique have not done any lately so you have inspired me to get out the soldering iron and play... with the book too! Toni

Paige said...

Backaches are a pain in the neck. Glad you enjoyed yourself.