Monday, August 14, 2006

Chester Zoo part 2

We had fun taking this photo as there was a lot of ducking and diving under the table so that I couldn't take their photo.

Huw didn't know that I was taking this one, otherwise he would have made himself look sad. Ifan went through this stage last year, but now he seems to love having his photo taken.

They were both very keen to see the Rhinos and Ifan wanted to have his photo taken with them.

Here is a photo of me with my two lovely grandsons who were so very well behaved while they were with us.


Paige said...

Funny our youngest daughter loove to look sad. It gets her lots of attention ya know. "Oh whats wrong, are you ok" & all that. It is a trait she picked up from some other famil members. But every once in a while she poses for me & I get a great smile.
Sounds like yall had fun

Helen Cowans said...


Richard always pulls a funny face when you take his photo - you just have to keep going until he forgets and relaxes! Grandchild look gorgeous and now I know what you look like :)


Helen Suzanne said...

wonderful pics mags, and you look radiant with them both.

MaryB said...

I have wonderful memories of Chester Zoo (I originally hail from Crosby), looks like you all had a brilliant time. Grandchildren look really lovely - such a good age.

Toni said...

Even Aussie Grandchildren go through the looking sad period!
Have saved this in my MR folder!
You all look like you had a good day at the zoo.