Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dame Shirley Bassey

I was going to post about my visit to Chester Cathedral tonight, but instead I have been watching the Bill on TV, followed by the wonderful Shirley Bassey. She was one of the stars one evening at Bryn Terfel's annual concerts at Y Faenol and there is a recording of it played tonight. Wonderful. The audience were captivated by her as they sat covered in their bin bags in the rain. The atmosphere at these concerts is fantastic whatever the weather and of course once the concert started, no umbrellas allowed up! Hence the bin bags.

Have a look at this Peggy's Shirley Bassey Blog to see photos of the star at the concert. Peggy mentions the 5 star Quay Hotel, Deganwy where Shirley stayed.

This is the hotel that has stolen a small part of my view. An important part that I loved so much. I could see the sun setting over the sea before they built it.


Zaz said...

wow! Shirley Bassey looks fantastic! no wonder you enjoyed the concert - I love her and her style !!!

pity about the hotel - did you get compensation for the loss of view???

Dorothy said...

You MUST be pshycic M!
I have Bryn Terfel playing on my iPod as I read this today!

Shame about the loss of view, but I bet the views are superb for those at the hotel.

Carol said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Shirley Bassey in Glasgow earlier this year - she was fantastic.

Shame about the view :(


feltedfibers said...

watched Shirley Bassey concert on TV and wished I had of been there for real!