Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Books

I'm sure all the friends who have commented the last couple if days will forgive me for not replying individually this time, but thanks for all comments.

I have realised that I do nat have a close-up of all the work unfortunately, in my rush a few were shaky and not worth posting. But here are the ones that I had and I hope you enjoy them.

As you will notice, some chose to use the sewing machine for all the work and the others hand stitching.

Edith was sitting next to me and decided to leave the back cover until she went home rather than rush it. It would have been a pity to spoil such a lovely book.

I understand Norah is a very inexperienced stitcher, but this was a beautiful book. I believe she is an artist though and it shows.

This book is Alison's and it has a lovely texture.

Here is another lovely book by Mair. There are two more books to show again but Blogger does not feel like it just now and I will post tomorrow.


Zaz said...

fantastic books! Bet you were all pleased with the results. What did you use for the paper inside?

I am very impressed with them all!

smarcoux said...

they are super fantastic ... Do you think Mariam would come to cambridge to do a workshop on these?


marion said...

These are delicious...I want them all!!!