Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My orangey-red day

Please click on these for a larger image, they look much better.

Here is a continuation of yesterday's boats. They were crossing each other's bows and how I wished I was nearer, as I think this could have been a very good photo.

The Circus is in town! Well Betws y Coed is not a town it's a village really, but you have never seen such a busy little village. It has always drawn so many visitors. Among them Toni of Astitchdesign from Australia and Dorothy of Pandorasbox from Hertfordshire. Both have wonderful memories of the village.

Do you think I may have been influenced by the circus tent when I played with this simple design in PSP9?

All these seem to be a little early this year.

These tiny orangey-red leaves caught my eye in this tree in the church grounds. They were beautiful. Then I noticed a few of them under the tree. I took them home with me intending to press them, but by this morning most of them have dried and a bit brown.

(I'm sorry blogger doesn't like this one for some reason, so I will put it in later!)
These are in tubs outside our flats, so some more orange for my camera.


Sara said...

How lovely your pictures are today. I so enjoy seeing your end of the world...The boats are really pretty...

Dorothy said...

Hi M,
Loved your pics. The sailing ones reminded me of MY sailing days! Used to like that... and also climbing. I climbed Snowdon three times... in the Winter!