Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My textile group

Here is a taster of what you will find on the SerenTex blog this week. I went to the meeting this afternoon and we had a wonderful show and tell, I hate to tell you this, but I had nothing to show this time. I did carry my camera though and the basket containing the tea and coffee as I happen to be the tea lady for the group for a while.
I took some materials, transfer paints and my iron with me and the only thing I did was colour a piece of organza in a bluey green for Joan's new doll.


Zaz said...

sometimes we just need 'time out' from being creative - no shame in that! glad the camera went along .....I liked the patchwork piece - great colours!

enjoy the rest!

smarcoux said...

hehe hi margaret , suzanne is my sister :) and I have another sister as well she is at www.magpiesenvy.blogspot.com and another friend www.tonysworldofart.blogspot.com ... we do some challenges together .. all family and friends from back in canada

Micki said...

I envy you your group. You ladies are doing some remarkable things. Joan's doll is beautiful and Miriams blue textured piece is great.