Sunday, August 06, 2006

Our Textile Books

Here are the nine books we finished this afternoon.
It was a little rushed in the end, but we got there. Some of us got carried away with the stitching leaving us short of time to finish the actual putting together of the book.
It never ceases to surprise me that we all start with the same materials and the same tuition on these courses and yet every single piece of work is so individual.

I will show you mine first as you have already seen the fabric and also because I forgot to ask permission to show the other work. I do hope they won't mind too much.

This the front of the book, it is a concertina book that opens both sides.

This is the back of mine. I had yarn in the exact shades for the ties, but because of the rush decided to use them just as they were and find they are far too bulky for such a tiny book(4" square) When I have time, I will zig zag over it to reduce the bulk.

This is Miriam the tutor taking some photos and I'm sure she is very pleased with the results of her tuition.

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Lesley said...

I love all the books you have shown. How different they have all turned out. You're all very talented.