Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SerenTex meeting

Yesterday we had a meeting of SerenTex our textile group. There are photos of the work in progress on the website.
This is what I played with yesterday.

This is a layer of crushed velvet transfer painted over and over with patches of different colours.

I then tried a layer of the lace used to transfer paint on the course and it looked quite nice.

The top layer is some nylon organza that I transfer painted with leftover papers used previously. This was a lovely piece and it added to the other two layers nicely. I'm not sure what I will do to this next nor what it will be and I'm treating it as a bit of fun again, because these are the ones that turn out most successful for me.

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Carol said...

Love all the transfer paint samples, nice vibrant colours, I never have much luck with these, did you use the paints or the disperse dyes