Monday, August 14, 2006

Three Dimensional Embroidery

Maybe I should be living in the City of Chester? I went there again today, but I did not take my camera. Instead I had a browse in some bookshops and I looked at art, computer, photography and textile books. I almost bought one or two design books, but left them in the shop to buy another day perhaps. By now I'm sure you will realize how much I love books.
I bought a book by Janet Edmonds called Three Dimensional Embroidery and I think it is the most inspirational book I have bought recently. I will read it and then put it away and try to create something using some of the ideas in the book.

There is a wonderful description and details about the book here on Dale's website The Thread studio

I also bought five skeins of DMC variegated threads and a pot of Xpandaprint in white. I bought a black one on my last visit.

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