Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today's play

Today I finished the covers for another book using my transfer painted fabric. To be honest this started off as a 'what if' bit of play, so I chose the nastiest, most garish of all the pieces as I thought I'd be just throwing them out.
  • I layered a sheet of polycotton dyed in violet, lime green, yellow and maroon. This was very pale and had been used under some voile which I had covered with a piece of lace and the transfer painted paper in those colours. The lace took the colours really strongly with a light transfer to the voile.
  • So I placed some bondaweb over the polycotton and tore some pieces of used transfer paper into strips, also cut the lace into rough strips and roughly wove them together over the bondaweb. I then covered the bondaweb and weaving with greasproof paper and ironed them together.
  • I had some very, very thin stretchy nylon in white and as I had nothing to lose I layered this over the top and ironed again. The whole surface now became quite plasticy which was not really what I had been after, but I carried on playing like this adding another layer of the fine white fabric and ironing again.
  • I then stitched into it all very roughly with a patterned stitch and my Bernina set so that I could drag the work to and fro. I used a purple thread, then I went over it all again having altered the stitch size making it larger and using a darker purple this time.
    I was quite pleased with it by this time and made 2 covers from it. I need to make the pages for it now.


Helen Suzanne said...

what an interesting play Mags. I like the results too. It's a great freedom isn't it, when you have "nothing to loose" :)

Norah's said...

Playing is so fun when you have no expectation of the end and then you are so pleasantly pleased. Love this piece. Hope you show a pic with the pages too when they are done.

Liz said...

Wow, Mags, you're having a very productive time - I love seeing them.

Zaz said...

great to experiment and push the boundaries - they are certainly very successful!

jenclair said...

Oh, so pretty!