Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vibrant digital art(short lesson)

I have been wondering how to answer Jacki, Toni and others who have asked about my images. I will start with my colours. As I have mentioned to some of you, when I create my images on the laptop, the colours look far more subtle than they do on the new PC in my loft(workroom) and I wonder sometimes what on earth some of you see when you look at my images!

However, I usually start off with a gradient in one of my programs, but not always. I must admit here to having a preference for PSP9 at the moment. This can change at any time depending on the one I happen to be using frequently at certain times. This method works for most programs if they can use Displacement maps.

Here I have used a little pattern created in the Effects/Reflection/Patterns in PSP9.

It will turn out similar to this, but usually has transparent parts showing. If you Merge the image in the Layers Menu. You will get white Patches. If you are not happy with these you can use the Colour Replacer Tool to change the white. I usually choose one of the darkest colours in the image and if I'm not happy, then I have another go.
All you need to do this is plenty of patience. It takes time to get to know a program and the only way to do it is to play and try different things.
I'm sure most of you have as much patience as I have, but maybe you use yours to stitch rather than waste time as I do. I just have fun. So have fun if you are going to try this.

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arashi said...

well said. I too always start with a gradient and I use psp9 but Ive keptg the paintbrush prfesets from PSP8 whih alsways prove intreswting. I've also learned to cdreate UDF *4uyser defined fundtions) through an online tutorial and therfe are many available. I want to use some of your flower photos in th net post. Is that okay?