Monday, September 04, 2006

The castle

Here are photos I have taken of Conwy Castle during the year. The top image was taken through the gateway where the Queen opened the tunnel that goes under the estuary.

Click to see the large size.


Dorothy said...

Hi M,
I do envy you your lovely view... very inspirational. I look out at the front onto another row of bungalows like mine and at the back onto my garden. I have used the roof line of the bungalows for a starting point and the garden in it's different seasons. However it isn't the ever changing vista that you get.

Sara said...


Your views are awesome! So, I take it this castle is vacant? I wish I knew more about your area - think I am going to start reading up on things across the big pond...

Zaz said...

your photos as always are breathtaking!

wonderful area you live in