Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chester Amphitheatre Project

Another day out in Chester. As some of you know, I love roaming around finding suitable objects to photograph, but I'm not very keen to go anywhere too quiet these days. Chester is a very clean City, I mean the Police seem to do a good job of keeping hooligans off the streets, but I did once see some people dealing in drugs in an alleyway and I have been a bit wary since then.

However, I decided today I would go and photograph the Roman Gardens, but I was sidetracked on the way and visited the Visitor Centre where I sat for about an hour watching a film of the Chester Amphitheatre Project and it was just the kind of thing I enjoy. During college days I went to listen to Sir Mortimer Wheeler, a well known archaeologist who was at the time working on a site at Bangor. He was so enthusiastic about his work that I would have joined his team there and then if I hadn't been in the middle of my course. Since then I have always wished I could have been involved in some way, probably one of those artists who draw the objects as they find them!

This man was washing objects found today.

This is one of the two men in charge of the project, he was familiar from the film I had just been watching.

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