Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks to all those who comment and don't get a reply from me. I do try to reply to as many as I can. It's sometimes difficult if the e-mail address is not available or I am going through a busy patch.

Those who wrote about the leaves crumbling had a point. I haven't done a lot in this technique, but my two friends from SerenTex who are experts at this don't seem to have many problems, but I think that is because they have done this through trial and error and they say that some plants work really well and others don't. I think if the leaves are fairly thin, it works better. But then I had wonderful,fantastic, super success with thick shiny leaves that I believe were a type of Begonia?

The photo doesn't show this one up well, but I think it's the most successful I've done.

This is the first layer from the begonia leaf and it is slightly dry. I think I will put another layer of something over it. The top one is the layer that was left behind after the first application of the same leaf. A thin tissue with all the veins on it was left over. I will have to try and re-do this with another leaf, just in case it was a one off!

These Ivy leaves were very successful.

Some flower petals work better than others and the ones you think will work well are sometimes disappointing. Here are some that I have done.

Blogger decided enough was enough for tonight and refused to post any more photos.


Zaz said...

I am going to try this looks really effective !
Thanks for the inspiration

Micki said...

I agree, the top one is gorgeous. It just glows.

Helen Suzanne said...

I've used grasses recently but never though of leaves and flowers. Lovely work Margaret. Thank you for sharing.