Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More from SerenTex

As with all my photos, click on it to see a larger image. This one is worth it.

A taster of what you will find on the SerenTex Blog. I promise you won't be disappointed in this one. Rosemary went collecting shells on the beach with her four year old granddaughter and she wanted something to remember it by, so she made this. It's not quite finished yet. In my opinion it is finished. One of my favourites.


Dorothy said...

Hi M,
This lady has clearly seen my little stumpwork panel! Grin
I love her work.

Helen Suzanne said...

i like the little bits inside the shells :) Is it a panel Mags or an item?

Paige said...

Outstanding. Very nice how close the color of the yarns/threads match some of the shells/items. Yes worth clicking to make full screen.
When are you doing a similar piece?

pat winter said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!!Oh I do love this!!

jenclair said...

You are so right - well worth clicking to enlarge this one. Gorgeous!

Jenny said...

This is just beautiful! I love shells & the beach & I just love the little stitches inside! Yum,Yum!