Saturday, September 16, 2006


Today has been a day of appreciation of nature for me. I have been a little out of sorts for the last month or so due to a bad bout of asthma, but today I am myself again and it seems to have gone as quickly as it came.
I try to have a camera with me always and this morning I stepped out of the front door and there was this small seagull feather covered in dew on the tarmac and I had to have a photo.

Then the owls were in The Victoria Centre in Llandudno today. They do visit now and then, I'm not sure what the organization is, but I should think it's the NorthWales Raptor and Reptile Sanctuary. . I was allowed to take photos of these beautiful birds, but the shopping centre does not make a good background for them.
I found this website where you can learn much more about the owls.
The World of Owls


feltedfibers said...

What a good photo of the feather, good for playing in photoshop!
Did you know I cant walk through the Victoria Centre when the owls are there, I am terrified of them, sily I know but they frighten me.

Micki said...

Love the owls. I have a collection of about 50 or so pieces.

MargaretR said...

I can't believe you of all people are frightened of owls Jenny. You who had a pet seagull still came to say hello and sat on top your head when she saw you.
My mother also had a collecyion of owls at one time Micki.Thank you both for your comments.

shirleyVC said...

I loved the pictures of the dog and the owls, but more than that, I am enjoying checking into your blog regularly. I came to you via a Quilting Arts web address which had a link to your blog. The name Digital Gran got me. Being a bit ripe myself, I was intriguied. I live in North Carolina in the USA, but spend time each year in Britain (Scotland) where I have a room-and-kitchen on the Isle of Bute. With relatives near Pwlheli and Llanatth, I have visited Wales too. Your shots of the harbor on which you live move me most. More sometime about my own adventures with fabric.

mrsatroxi said...

My sister loves owls, she collects everthing to do with them. She even has an owl tattoo!

I think they are lovely, the big eyes and sad calls.