Tuesday, October 17, 2006


When I need inspiration I have a look in my chest which is nearly full of work I made whilst doing an on-line course with Mggie Grey. I was desperately in need of inspiration tonight and these two pieces attracted my attention, so I thought some of you would be interested.

Two views of the same vessel.

This vessel was created using Softsculpt which is gently heated and stamped with an object to create the designs. Pieces were cut out and backed with stitched textile. The pieces of Softsculpt were stitched together to form a vessel.

Detail below.

This textile piece is black cotton stamped with acrylic paints, then stitched to create a grid which was then cut into and backed with a stitched background. This particular one is machine stitched using the circular tool. A wide braid was created with machine stitched cords and this was shaped and threaded through the grid. I am quite pleased with this one and I had forgotten all about it.


sue b said...

okay now I gotta go out and get myself some softsculpt so I can try that. Lovely vessel. I like that piece a lot. And that textile piece is beautiful. Whenever I need inspiration I just visit your blog!

Carol said...

Hi Mags, I have a whole lot of those samples too, only did module one, but also took a weekend course with her, every time I look at them I think I must do something with these, then they go back in the box

Joanna van said...

Okay Mags! Now I really must experiment with this softsculpt. I bought some but haven't done anything with it. What kinds of things did you use to impress images? Anything besides stamps?