Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My favourite dragon

I spent last night trying to get my computer to connect to my Bernina Embroidery Module. As my laptop does not have a serial port I use an adaptor cable, USB to serial and it does not always work the first time. Last night it decided not to work at all. This morning I found the disk with the drivers for the cable, uninstalled and then re-installed the driver. The driver must have been corrupted.
Now it works better than ever!

I tested it out by stitching out a dragon I designed a couple of years ago on three layers of organza, which I then cut out using a soldering iron as shown in Margaret Beale's book. I then bonded it to some acrylic felt and marked it with the soldering iron again.

This is a piece of work in progress, which sounds much better than a UFO. It has been in progress for a few years I'm afraid. The dragon is a piece of sculpture in the garden at Plas Tan y Bwlch and the in the background is part of a beautiful wrought iron gate in the grounds that has been reconditioned in the last few years.

My friends would tell you that this little dragon is a great favourite of mine and I take photos of him on every visit. I fantasize about him and I think he has a secret life which is what the next image shows. One day there might even be a few tiny dragons around the garden.


sue b said...

Very cool!

Joanna van said...

I can see how you really like this dragon! He has great shape and I love how your creation turned out.


Zaz said...

Love that dragon - and the fact he has a secret life! I would think that too ..........great design base and wonderful interpretations

Linda said...

Your work is amazing! Love the colors and textures you used for the dragon piece. And of course your dragon model has a secet life!
Linda Fleming

Carol said...

Lovely to have you back mags, I can't believe I have never seen the Dragon at Plas