Sunday, October 29, 2006

My scarf

This is for my friend Nadine from Canada of knitting with a poodle I told her I was knitting a scarf and it's nearly finished. It needs a few more inches knitted and then some fringe added.
I have some plum coloured trousers and jumpers this winter, so I bought some plummy yarn. It's a Knitwise Pricewise kit that I bought in a craft shop in Chester. The yarn has no make on the label, but does have this website Groves and Banks.
The first few inches were quite difficult as I had to use 2 strands of a twizzly yarn on very large needles. One row- yarn round the needle twice for each stitch, next row, knit into one stitch dropping the other loop and knit 2 more rows. But I soon got the hang of it and it grew very quickly. All I need now is some very cold weather to wear it!


ambermoggie said...

beautiful colour Margaret

nadine said...

Love the rich colours. Your scarf is lovely. If you were here, you would be at no loss for a day to wear it! thank you for the photo, sweetie.