Friday, October 20, 2006

Self Portraits

I know I have been making a big thing of my Self Portraits, but believe it or not I'm now enjoying them. These photos are of work in progress.

This is me trying to get my head together. I cut up an image of myself and stitched a digitized image on the top.
It struck me I was making things difficult for myself. What I enjoy most is taking photos, creating colourful art with my software, stitching by hand and with my sewing machine. Why not use these to make my SP?.

These two have three layers of organza with a digitized image stitched with the Bernina Embroidery Module. I am hoping to use the soldering iron to burn out layers. I don't know yet how successful this will be, it will not be easy and I dare say I will have more burn marks on my hands.

I have also decided to print out some of my art on fabric, I have digitized the image of myself and I will stitch this onto my fabric and that's it. Simple!
I apologize to my partners for taking so long with these postcards. But here are some photos to show you I am keeping busy making them.


sue b said...

Margaret these are all fabulous. I absolutely love what you are doing with this theme.

Fran├žoise said...

Wow! It looks like it's worth waiting. :-)