Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some stitching

This is a page I made for an Australian Book exchange, this was recycle and regenerate and was chosen at the time of the tsunami, I used scraps of paper and fibre and stitched coffee cups to show how we were all getting together at coffee mornings and jumble sales to help the survivors of the disaster. Unfortunately this book was the only one lost in the post, most of the pages had been finished, so I need to make a new page as soon as possible as do the other members of the exchange.

This was created for a show and tell Chat that members have on Rosemary Muntus' The Crafty Computer - getting creative on the web


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Loved the coffee cup page. What a shame it was lost. Your photos on the previous post of the theatre staircase have a very nostalgic feel...are you going to use them. The ironwork would digitise into your machine really well.

Maggie H.

Anonymous said...

I agree. A beautiful page and a shame that it was lost!

Serendipity said...

Margaret - I jsut love the way you work - your blog has inspired me to start one too - I'm just a novice but this is a fun way to keep up to date with what you are doing. THanks. Anna Nowicki