Friday, November 17, 2006


Autumn has been rather late arriving this year, but it has been worth waiting for. Wednesday I drove to Chester and I could not get over the beauty of the trees, they were spectacular. Because it was raining so much when I set off, I left the camera at home, so I could not take any photos.

I decide to go to Betws y Coed yesterday to take photos of the trees, because 'Coed' is woods in Welsh and the place is full of beautiful trees. When I arrived I was rather disappointed as the trees were not as colourful as the ones on the way to Chester, for the simple reason it had not been raining. the colours were not as intense. But I took lots of photos anyway. I will be putting some up on my Photo Blog DG's Photos and Digital Art if anyone is interested.

This was taken at home.

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Helen Suzanne said...

oo thank you for showing me the trees. I do miss them, particularly this time of year.