Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beautiful morning

This top image is a special one for K in Australia, who likes the bracken on our Welsh mountains. The sun was shining on a small patch of bracken this morning and out came the camera just for you K!

A few minutes later I saw the beginning of a rainbow at the foot of the mountain.

It gradually moved while I stood at the window taking one photo after another.

Then the early morning sun shone on the Autumn trees.


Paige said...

How neat to catch the beginnings of a rainbow. I drove thru one once it was very peaceful in side as the prism of colors surrounded me.
Great looking tile, lovely effects you have created with them.
Paper dolls look fun and lively

Beverley said...

I think if I woke up to these views without leaving my home I would get nothing done - no housework, cooking or even shopping. They are lovely and thanks for sharing them.