Thursday, November 23, 2006

Busy day

I've had a busy day. This morning I went to town to get some thick card to finish off my Paper Dolls and I almost finished them this afternoon. This project has given me a great deal of pleasure up to now.

This photo was taken yesterday morning when it was very calm.

Today it was a very different story and it was very rough, too rough to open the window to take photos.

Later this morning I saw the sun breaking through for a moment.

It was still rough this afternoon, but the sky was clearer.


Beverley said...

It's good the see the same view taken at different times of the day and showing the weather pattern. Love the 3rd one where the sun is just peeking through the clouds giving a hope of what was to come and then by the 4th there it was, rough sea but blue skies!!

jenclair said...

Hmmm. Another blog that has not been picked up by Bloglines lately. I'm getting so frustrated, but at least I know that you didn't just quit blogging!

Purple Missus said...

For the last few years we have come down to N.Wales in the Spring. I'd forgotten how glorious it can look in Autumn.

Anonymous said...

Hello Margaret
Great photos.
I can see it is Autumn where you are and the trees show it. Please can you tell me what makes the hill red/brown? K. in Australia.

MargaretR said...

Thanks to you all for your comments. I've missed your updates from Bloglines too Jen. I may have too many subbed(smile)
K in Oz. The brown on the mountainside is the bracken that also becomes dry and a lovely rich colour in the Autumn.

Anonymous said...

So it is bracken, Margaret. I know bracken. We have it here but ours does not go a nice colour.
Thanks, K.