Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chester Cathedral

Here are some more photos from the Cathedral in Chester.

I find this very pleasing. It is probably a copy of an old one, because so many of the others are crumbled and worn.

I love these three figures with their ruffles at the neck. These words were on a plaque beneath these figures but I couldn't quite make out who they are.

I thought some of you who enjoy dyeing would be interested in these lovely velvet curtains. I think I saw 3 pairs of these in the Cathedral and I also read who was responsible for making them, but I'm afraid I have forgotten. Below is a detail so you can see how beautiful they are.


sue b said...

Oh my gosh those curtains are really something! They must have been impressive in person.

Kim said...

The curtains are luscious - thanks!

Paige said...

How beautiful. Of course I love the first photo best-she is so lovely. The wood carvings are amazing and those curtains, how grand. Must be breath taking in RL.
Thans again for sharing so many great places with us.

Deb H said...

You're right! Those curtains are yummy! I want to take them & wrap them around me!

Ali Honey said...

Great photos and what about those curtains.....just the right combination of colours, just delicious.