Monday, November 20, 2006

New York

I was looking for something to blog this evening when I came across these photos taken on a trip to New York.

I bought this shiny red apple especially so that I could photograph it in my hotel room in The Big Apple.

I took a bite of The Big Apple.

This was a colourful display in the foyer of our hotel.

I took this photo of Broadway through the window of Starbucks. If you look carefully you can see the starbucks logo on the window and the bags of rubbish ready to be collected in the morning! Makes me wonder sometimes why I have taken some of my photos. There must have been some reason.


Paige said...

How great. You took a big bite out of the big apple. I love it. Sounds like something I would do. I also take photos in the lobbies of hotels and pretty much any building that has something I like.
I admit I am a photo-holic.

Carol said...

Lovely pictures, especially the bite out of the Big Apple.

Liz said...

Brilliant, Mags. That photo of the apple is so 3 dimensional and crisp ... and I love the reflection one. Like those photos where people used to take double exposures (can't do that now with digital cameras, can we, although I'm sure we can do something similar in PSP if I ever studied it enough to find out....).