Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday morning

It's Sunday, so off we went to Rhos on Sea. As soon as we arrived it started to drizzle and it was surprisingly wet for such gentle rain. However I did get a few photos.

By the way I have just converted to the Beta Blogger and I hope I don't have too many problems. My images have loaded without problems and I find it very useful to actually see the images that have been loaded before clicking 'Done'.

Part of the beach at Rhos on Sea is covered with these shells and it makes a beautiful sight especially when they are wet.

My little fisherman has broken his rod once more. I expect it's the weight of all the large fish he's caught. He seems to be growing too and now looks as if he has feathers in his hair.

I know this bird is not in focus, but it was far too fast for me. I still like it though. The promenade is much higher than the beach and this blackbird was flying low.

I had also taken a photo of a seagull and I remembered I had taken a photo of this gate sometime ago. I just love wrought iron as I may have mentioned more than once and I like this gate.


Leanne Hurren said...

Love the picture of mussel shells - they are my favourite! I always collect them and take pictures.

Pat's Place said...

The photo of the blackbird is wonderfully mysterious yet somehow revealing... you have captured his essence-in-motion above a beautifully abstract yet natural background.
Fantastic piece!

MargaretR said...

My own favourite is the blackbird. Thanks Leanne and Pat for leaving a comment.

Paige said...

Nice photos. Yes the fisherman is beginning to look like an American Indian. He has traveled far to fish among your great waters.
Your joy of rod iron has made me look at it with a more artful eye. It really is all around and does beautify many places, buildings and homes.
Dry off and sit in warm comfy chair and have a nice cup of tea.