Saturday, November 04, 2006

The weather

I think this could be the first snowfall the season. It's very light, but it's definitely snow as far as I can see.
I have had a busy weekend having fun with my two young grandsons who stayed with us. Here are some photos taken during the week.

These are some fishermen who arrived in a boat and enjoyed themselves fishing until it was dark.

These two photos were taken the same morning, one at the back of the house where I noticed these trail left by aircraft. I normally hate these in an otherwise clear sky as much as I hate telegraph poles and wind-farms which spoil the landscape. But these were a lovely pink in the early morning sun. The other was taken at the front where the sun brought out some lovely colours. Do you see the heavy frost?

As you know I can't resist taking photos of the evening sky.

We had one very stormy day and the estuary was unusually choppy, but out in the bay there were huge waves which I tried to photograph. I was a little too far to get more than a glimpse.

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sue b said...

Great photo's. Love that first one. It's gotten pretty cold here too with frost at night.