Saturday, December 09, 2006


When I was on holiday in Cannes a couple of months ago I went to see a wonderful art exhibition of Arman's sculpture and paintings. The work was very unusual and inspiring and I kept thinking maybe I could use some of his ideas for some of my fibre art. It is rather difficult to explain, but he sliced through objects and put them together again. He sliced metal objects and wooden ones. He seemed to particularly enjoy using musical instruments in his work. There were quite a few pieces using violins sliced up and arranged like explosions. One interesting sculpture was a silver tea set on a tray and everything was split in half including the tray. You will find many samples of his work here - Arman

All these photos were taken to test my new mobile phone, how I wish I had used my proper camera.


Beverley said...

For mobile phone photo's these are very good and so interesting. Thanks for the link to his site which again I found really interesting.

I shall look forward to seeing your fibre art piece having taken your inspiration from his work!!

Grumpy said...

I do like Arman's accumulations of things Mags. Thanks for introducing me to him.

Toni said...

Arman's work is fascinating and I am impressed with the phone photos. Thanks for sharing.

Marc said...

If you like Arman's works, and the man, go to
Hope you will enjoy. there is also, it is a site all about him.