Thursday, December 21, 2006


The following photos show the reason I love visiting Tenerife. They were taken at the foot of Mount Teide. It is the highest spot in Spain and is 3,718 metres high. I make that around 3 times the height of Snowdon, but I may be wrong there. I always try and visit this area whilst on holiday here and I always take warm clothing with me as it is always very cold here.
This was where they filmed the film Planet of the Apes which I loved. It is what I imagine a moonscape would look like.
The bottom photo shows a house, which is the only one there I should think and it has solar panels. What better place to benefit from them?


Beverley said...

Never been to Tenerife but from these photo's it looks a very interesting place to visit - thanks for sharing. Great photo's.

Trust you had a good holiday and from the blue skies it looks as if the weather was pretty good for a December break.

Pamela said...

Your comparison of Teide to Snowdon - yes Teide is about three times, as Snowdon is 1,085 m (3,560 ft) - is, perhaps, more apt than you realize. The English name Snowdon comes from the Saxon "Snow Dun", meaning "snow hill".

The name Tenerife, "Known to the Romans as Nivaria (from the Latin nix, nivis, "snow"), a reference to the snows atop the volcano known as El Teide, Tenerife bears a name that is also a reference to this volcano and was used for the island by the Guanches of the neighboring island of La Palma; “Tene” signifying “mountain” and “ife” white (the “r” was added by the Spanish)."

Anyway, glad you like the island's better parts. It is quite magical.