Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things to do in 2007

I still have a few things that have to be finished in 2006 first. I belong to a small group of lovely ladies who are sharing their expertise and we have lots of things to do in 2007, but first I need to finish the Book Cover for my chosen topic of 'Curves' as in Wrought Iron perhaps. No one needs to use Wrought Iron if they don't want to as I love all curves, the curvier the better as far as I'm concerned.
This cover has to be posted on the list by January 1st, so I'd better get a move on hadn't I?
I have at last recovered from my busy Christmas and really do feel energetic once more.

This is not a Resolutions List, I don't do those, as I forget all about them before the week is out. This is a list of things that need doing.

  1. I must finish my page and put it up tonight.
  2. I have to make a window swag for my daughter-in-law Sian. Who has also been my 'free' hairdresser for many years now.
  3. I am also going to make her another Xmas tablecloth. If I leave it until next Xmas, then it will never be done. She's also going to have Xmas tablemats.
  4. I have bought 700grms wool in very fine, soft baby 4ply to knit for my new grandchild who will be born in February to Paula.
  5. I have also promised my friend Gill of to write 6 weird things about myself.

I think this is enough to be getting on with for now, don't you?

The fabric for the 'swag' is on the left and the Xmas fabric on the right.


Sue B said...

Love that set that you are going to knit and that yarn looks very snuggly soft.

Kim said...

I'm still trying to finish up my things-to-do-in-2006 list!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Matgaret , I wish you happiness in 2007. The knitiing will be lovely and I'm sure you'll finish your tasks. I too like To Do lists! They can just be a continuation, take a couple off add a coup[le on!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I see that lovely heap of cream wool, and my fingers itch to dye it! (they are purple at present from my latest endeavours). Thanks for your kind comments - I will have to see if I can visit you if I come to the UK in 2008.

Dianne said...

Happy New Year Mags!! I hope you achieve all you set out to achieve!! Thanks for being such a regular visitor to my blog and leaving such lovely comments. x

beverley said...

Happy New Year Mags wishing you a healthy,safe and wonderful 2007.

From the photo's I can see that it's going to be a busy one for you!!

No lists for me as I don't think there's a piece of paper long enough for me to write everything down that I want to do!!

Suzi-k said...

hi, first visit, I found you at ali-honey's place!You are right, you do live in a lovely place! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I loved the photos of Tenerife too, and I'll be back to visit again.