Thursday, January 25, 2007

A good day-Part1

I'd like to share my pleasant day with you. Early this morning I opened the window and took a few photos because it was such a calm and beautiful day.

The morning sun was pink on the snowy mountains.

The journey to Chester was pleasant and the traffic was light. I noticed as we got nearer to the city that there were birds flying in lines like paths across the sky and I wondered what they were. we parked the car on the top of the high rise car park and I heard strange honking sounds and when I looked up there were dozens of wild geese flying above us in V formations. I grabbed for my bag and the camera, but by the time I had it ready, they had already passed overhead and it was such a missed photo opportunity. The above photo is all I managed to get.


Scraps of Bev said...

How I wish my car journey into town tomorrow morning would be as interesting as yours.
I'm so impressed that you had your camera to hand to catch the birds -the number of times I have forgotten to take my camera with me and regretted it...many a lost photo chance!!

Ali Honey said...

Your photos have the look of paintings. I think it is the blue light. Lovely. Were they Canada Geese....they fly like that.( did you see the film, "Fly Away Home.")