Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Needlefelt Challenge - Blue

I have just joined the Yahoo group Needlefelt Challenge, which is run by Myfanwy Hart of Nuvo Felt, who has just written a book on the embellisher. Myfanwy will set us all a weekly challenge, so encouraging us to try new things that we would not otherwise have experimented with.
The challenge this week is a 'Blue' sample. Now, I am not a blue person. My grand daughter who loves blue remarked on my choice of threads and fabric, asking me why I had no blues. Strange, I hadn't realised it until then.
Below is my work using blues. I had to buy a cheap ball of variegated blue tufted yarn for this experiment. I had to cut up an old pair of jeans as a base. I rolled about 8 strands of the yarn together and felted this by running it backwards and forwards under the needles. I curved the felted strip into a spiral on white felt and re-felted it all. I then used turquoise thread to stitch a wide satin automatic stitch along the blue spiral. Took it back to the embellisher and felted again. It gave me quite an interesting result.


Zaz said...

I love blue - my favourite colour so I am quite at home with your sample. How big is it ? deceptive from the picture

Maureen said...

I like your blue challenge M!
My Xpression is "safely" packed away so that I wont be tempted !
Can't wait for mid-February to be able tp play again with a free conscience.
Hopefully I've packed my denim offcuts to I can attempt your method for blue challenge.Maureen

Sue B said...

Nicely done! I think this is a great sample.

Carol said...

Ooh lovely, I love spials, this has worked well