Saturday, January 13, 2007


If you like you can skip this post, because It's a special edition, just for my friend Sara(who by the way has a wonderful 'How to' on making paper here).
The evening before I left on holiday to Tenerife, Sara told me Tenerife was supposed to be a very romantic island. She had been told everyone held hands there, so I said I would take photos to prove it. Now the quality of these photos are pretty hopeless, I got so excited when I saw someone holding hands and tried to take their photos without making it obvious what I was doing.

Here are two couples in the same frame.

Sara had been making lots of Christmas cards with angels on them, so when I saw this angel walking in front of me, I just had to take a photo to show her. Unfortunately as I was taking the photo the angel took wing, so I had another poor quality photo. But it's clear enough to show everyone I'm not lying when I say I saw an Angel in Tenerife.


Zaz said...

oooh thanks Mags! so its true then :0) not sure about the angel though LOL - guess he never see his back view in those shorts either!

good job on the secret photos.......

Paige said...

Thanks for this link, I have been thinking about making some paper, but wasn't sure how to get startee.