Thursday, January 18, 2007

Strange Weather

It was a beautiful day on Sunday. These photos were taken at Rhos on Sea. We walked along from Rhos on Sea to the pier in Colwyn Bay and we counted up to a hundred Mini cars passing one after the other. We found them very interesting as we both had Minis at one time. They all stopped to have coffee from their flasks on Rhos promenade and we chatted with some of them. They told us this was an annual one day rally and there were some enthusiasts from as far as the South of England. We were told that there were up to 300 cars there. They were so lucky to have such wonderful weather for it.

Shadows on the beach. There will be more photos on DG's Photos and Digital Art soon.

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Scraps of Bev said...

Oh I love seeing the photo's Mags and if you hadn't told us when you took them anyone would have thought it was a summers day! Just love the 3rd one of the shadows and how interesting to see the Mini's and yes I also had one many, many years ago!!