Friday, January 19, 2007


Interesting textures found in Betws y Coed, a local beauty spot on Sunday afternoon.

This was how the river looked after the storms.

This is a typical design found on some of the buildings here. It is a design chipped into the slate slabs used to build.

A tangle of branches.

The bark of a tree.


StegArt said...

These are great textures.

Joanna van said...

I see lots of great inspiration here! It would be exciting to see what you could make from one of these examples.

Susan said...

What fabulous photos! I really love the one of the slate building slab. Until I read what you said, it appeared to be the side of a cliff!

Dianne said...

Great photos!! Love the tangle of branches.

Sue B said...

Awesome photos Mags! We should do a challenge at some point to interpret one of these using fiber and stitch.

Anonymous said...

I take photos of tree bark too.