Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mark Making continued

This is how the page with the gessoed net is developing and below is a detail. I must admit I am so pleased with this one. I used a roller with dark blue paint over it and the edges of the net picked up the dark colour.

These samples used a variety of papers I had already painted and were then stamped with acrylics in two shades, a dark blue and a turquoise metalic paint.

These are hand made paper I made a long time ago and have been saving for something special(as you do)

Here is the stamp I used, made using double sided tape and string. I have had such a lot of mileage from this one and believe it or not it was designed using the blue net I used for the stamping here. I will post about that net I picked up on the sea shore in Portugal when I have more time.


StegArt said...

Your stamped images are great. Love that stamp you made.

Purple Missus said...

Really like what you are doing with that net Mags. Is there a particular reason for this mark making work or are you just 'playing'?

Dianne said...

That stamp is great!! Love all those painted and stamped papers.

Micki said...

Great stamp design and I like the images.

Carol said...

Love the mark making and how it is developing.

Anonymous said...

Now... who said last night that she hadn't done any grids? Grin
Well done you.