Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mark making with grandsons

My grandsons visited today and they both love drawing. They didn't know I have to make 40 sketches by Saturday, but Huw came in with his big toy dog that we bought him for Christmas under one arm and a large sketchbook in the other. His first words to me were, "Nain, can you draw a picture of Mot please?" So here I was mark making and as you see they were both very pleased with my effort and wanted their photo taken with the dog and his sketch.

Here is Huw's photo of Mot the dog. He has written 'Dyma Mot' which is Welsh for 'Here is Mot'

Here is Ifan's drawing of my plant.


Dianne said...

Budding little artist they are, nice drawing of the dog you did..
your grandchildren will have fantastic memories with Grama...

MargaretR said...

Hi Dianne, they are coming on holiday to us at Easter and
there is a list as long as my arm of things they want to do
with me up in the loft. Ifan wants to make some paper and
Huw especially wants to do some stitching, with the Bernina
180! He'll be lucky. They could not be trusted there
when they were younger, but now they are not as excitable
and love it.

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog

Dianne said...

I wouldn't mind coming to play in the loft with you too Mags!! Oh what fun!!

Carol said...

Mae'r gwaith yma yn ardderchog! Mae'r bechgyn yn enwedig o dda! Da iawn ti am y llyn bendigedig o Mot y ci! Dwi'n hoff iawn od ddarllen beth i chi'n neid, yn enwedig drwyr gymraeg oherwydd fy mod i'n dysgu Ellie i siarad cymraeg hefyd, mae newydd dechrau'r ysgol gymraeg. Pob hwyl!

Carol said...

Mag,s I missed this, darn feedblitz,
Wonderful drawings from both boys, definitely get their talent from their Nain,

Anonymous said...

Hi M,
Thes are fun pics. I think Ifan has been secretly looking at Miro don't you? You didn't do a bad job with the dof either! grin


meggie said...

Oh I just adored this post! I love your sketches, & your Grandsons are just great- love their art!!
They must love you very much, & are so lucky to have such a wonderful Gran to teach them wonderful art, & wonderful memories!