Monday, February 19, 2007

A misty morning

Quite a few people are enjoying my photos of the castle and I thought you would like to see this rather mysterious photo of the castle in the mist yesterday.

It was a very strange misty morning and this is what the town of Conwy looked like below a layer of mist.

The sun was shining through all this and here the ducks made lovely diamond patterns in the calm water.


Helen Cowans said...

Love of the castle in the mist. Isn't it wonderful to see how the same view can change day after day.

Keep taking the pictures :)


Dianne said...

That photo of the castle in the mist is fantastic!! Makes me think a dragon is going to fly past any minute (ha, ha)....

Scraps of Bev said...

So glad I've been able to pick these up - just love the photo of the castle in the mist.

I can see I'll have a lot to catch up on when I get back to the UK!!