Friday, February 09, 2007

Project finished

The lost page.

Some time ago I took part in a page swap with a wonderful Australian group. About 16 of us had a book each with our own individual subject and everyone made a page for the book. The book was passed from one to another, but unfortunately one book was lost in transit and the topic for this book was Regenerate and Recycle. We all promised to make another page to replace the lost ones. Cathy chose this subject for her book because the tragic Tsunami had just taken place. If you look carefully you can see the wave.
I decided to use recycling very literally as we all had Jumble Sales, Sales of Work and Coffee Mornings to collect money to help the survivors.

This has not photographed well and it looks very bitsy, but I am very pleased with it. I used the Embellisher to felt some silky material which was a skirt bought at a charity shop. I thought these colours were suitable for the connection with Thailand and it's lovely people. The base was our old friend the Nappy Liner, which gave a very soft fabric. I had digitized some coffee cups for the lost page and seem to have misplaced them, so I digitized some more with my Artista software and stitched the cups over the embellished fabric. I then felted the piece once more onto a purple piece of felt.


Judy Scott said...

Hello Margaret Your work is so lovely but how sad to have a book lost, these pieces are wonderful though. Thankyou for your lovely message that was so kind of you to leave one. It has helped a great deal after all these years, its good to share and Ive met such lovely supportive people. Thankyou again ~ Love Judy xx

Sue B said...

Mags these are both so wonderful. What a shame that one of them got lost.

Kim said...

I especially like the first one!

Dianne said...

Love them both Mags! That first one (the lost one) is fantastic.... It would be horrid for your book to go missing - well done to everyone for doing another page.