Friday, February 16, 2007

Purple Embellisher Challenge

At last I have finished my Purple Challenge for Myfanwy of Nuvo Felt. This was a struggle, but only because I hadn't planned it at all and just experimented with this, that and the other.
I bought a scarf in a sort of fleecy fabric thinking it would felt well, but it didn't. So I started adding things to it haphazardly.
I experimented with some cream Aida with all sorts of fabrics. The Aida was really too brittle for the embellisher and broke up as I stitched. I covered it with all these bits of stretch velvet, organza, roving and you name it I used it. I then felted it over the scarf pieces. The aida still showed through.

To complete it I used some purple artificial flowers which also tore at the edges where I embellished, I then put bits of organza over parts of the petals and that did the trick. Stopped the tearing and helped them to felt down.

I then added some golden yellow roving and now it looks like a crown of flowers! It will make a book cover just as it is because it is so stiff. In the end I was having to feed the needles slowly by hand

Anyway after all the hassle, I finished it satisfactorily. I hate failures :>)


StegArt said...

But it looks so lovely. Sorry to hear you struggled with it. I thought the gold area looked like a sun setting.

Sue B said...

Mags I think it's terrific. My first impression when I looked at it was there was a golden fire burning in the center. I think it's a great piece.

Carol said...

Oh! Mags this is absolutely stunning. I love it.

Dianne said...

Beautiful colours! Love the addition of the flower petals. The gold area looks like flames.

Paige said...

My first thought, how beautiful-a soul bursting with life from the inside.