Sunday, February 04, 2007


North Wales was at one time a very important slate quarrying area. The area where I was brought up had these blue slates, so it's natural for me to notice them wherever they are. They were used for all sorts of things and I think I will blog about their uses another day.
I took these photos in Betws y Coed yesterday afternoon. I am always taking photos of stone walls and I took a few of those yesterday, but these patterns on this stone wall attracted my attention. I think the pattern s from the machinery used to slice the slabs of slate and have been used as a decoration.

This slab of slate has been chipped by hand as a decoration and seems to be unique to this area as I have not come across it anywhere else.

I photographed this shop in Betws y Coed because the slates covering the walls here reminded me of my grandmother's house when I was a child. Slates are not only used on the roofs, but also used as cladding on outside walls of the houses.


Scraps of Bev said...

A great set of photo's and yes they do bring back memories!!

I know I have a piece of slate somewhere in a cupboard I must see if I can find it..I seem to remember buying a slate souvenir when we were on a holiday many, many years ago..

Dianne said...

These are great photos! Phil (hubby) loves old slate blocks, and we now have a number of slate windowsills added to the outside of our house.

meggie said...

Hi, I am here from Debbi of dubi quilts.
I fell in love with your wonderful photography! what a fabulous part of the world you live in.
I also liked all your posts, very interesting. I will have to visit again.

Sue B said...

very cool photo's Mag's. I have a blue slate hearth under my wood stove.

Sue said...

I love these - the combination of colour and texture is delicious. Thanks for sharing them.

Suzi-k said...

what an interesting post, thanks. I adore slate, we get a sort of blue black, and one with warm varigated colours called rich autumn. I use it a lot in projects. Those textures you photographed are lovely.